Friday, April 12, 2013

My Graduation Party Preparation

I love to throw parties. We like to have a couple big ones a year- I always worry we aren't going to have enough food, beverages, and people to fill the house. That never seems to be the case, and they always turn out a pretty big hit. When I was thinking about what I would like to do after graduation, I thought a party would be the perfect idea. What a fun way to mix family and friends together- we can start at 4pm and party all night.

Here's how I am going about throwing my graduation party:

First Step


Second Step
. Food.

{{ The BBQ joint we are using is Hello My Name is BBQ
we are going to order BBQ chicken, BBQ pork, mac-n-cheese }}

--------Additional snacks and dessert---------
{ Cheese and Crackers}
{ Chips and Salsa}
{ Veggies and Dip }
{ Pasta/Potato Salad }
{ Cupcakes }

Third Step

For the various people attending { friends and family} we are going to offer various beverages including soda, lemonade, wine, beer, and champagne.

{{ Fun lemonade ideas }}

{{ I should invite this guy to carry the Keg! }}

{{ Fun soda options for the kids. }}

{{ champagne toast }}

Fourth Step 
.Aesthetics  { decor, tables, seating }

{{ Paper lanterns are an easy cheap way to bright up your outside party }}

{{ Need more flowers outside? I always save our coffee cans thinking I will be able to find a use for them. Well I finally found a cool way to utilize them! This is a super was to make your backyard or house smell and look beautiful }}


{{ If you are like us and don't have a long table available for food 
  you can rent a buffet table and tablecloths. 
We are going to rent that along with 2 round tables and chairs to go with for seating}} 

Fifth Step
. Games/Activities.

We are debating what the most age appropriate activity to offer would be. Currently we are thinking corn hole for the day and beer pong for the night.

Sixth Step
. Music.

 Play your favorite tunes! We will probably keep Pandora on all day/night.