Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So today I officially picked up my graduation tickets. On May 11th, I will officially be a college graduate. It has been years in the making and there have been a lot of bumps, breaks, and accidents along the way. I haven't had the best track record with my higher education and it has taken many years to finally complete. Maybe it's because I am untraditional and have a hard time seeing the big picture in taking Spanish and Biology classes, maybe it's because I needed to take the long road to get to be where I am today, or maybe it's both.

Either way- I am done. Well I have two weeks remaining of class left, then I am done. I will finally have a Bachelorette in Accounting.

Want to hear a  cool { well I think it's cool} little story in how I fell in love with accounting and decided to get a degree in it? ...
Well it begins in 2009 when I met Ivan. I was very young as I had just turned 22 that month. I had been living in Charleston for a few years and pretty much right after we met and began dating we moved in together. We were inseparable so it just made sense for us to take the next step. Once I moved in to his apartment, I started getting an itch for going back to school, getting a good job, and bettering our current situation. Two years later we were in the position to buy a house.. it was during that process that I realized how much I loved numbers. While the stress of not knowing whether the deal was going to go through and the inspections etc were not the most fun, I had a blast working numbers and figuring it all out. My mortgage broker told me that I had a niche for the industry and said I needed to major in accounting. With much consideration and thought- I changed my hospitality major to accounting. So here I am today, 1 year later- graduating. It's crazy.

Next up..

My Masters of Science in Accounting

then maybe?

 My PHD?