Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wine Tasting at Cortecorbo

With just one last day of vacation. we thought if we could squeeze in one more tour with Aldo we could officially end our vacation on a high note. Maria found another wine tasting at Cortecorbo Winery. The owner, Anthonia was such a sweet woman and she opened her winery and served us cheese, meats, jam, and bread. Afterwards, Aldo took us to Da Rosa's for the largest lunch I have ever seen. We went on a Sunday, so Rosa's was very busy with First Communion.  What a great last day of vacation!

Aldo and Anthonia.
Fresh cheese, bread, jam, and cured meats.
Anthonia's Winery, Cortecorbo. 
Da Rosa's
Antipasto plate
We had a selection of 7 different pastas to try. So good!!
Not pictured was our salad and meat courses but here was dessert. Fresh fruit and sorbet- so good!