Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sorrento, Italy

The day after graduation Ivan and I headed out of town for our Italy vacation. We left the very next day and drove to Raleigh where we celebrated Mother's Day with my mom. On Tuesday, May 14th we left for the airport ready for a very long day of travelling.

We got to RDU a couple of hours early to check in and get our boarding passes, only to find out that there was a discrepancy with Priceline and Lufthansa and our flights from Toronto to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Naples had been cancelled. I contacted Priceline and Lufthansa to get answers, only to be told by both companies that I needed to contact the other. Finally, on a three way call with both Priceline and Lufthansa and with only a half hour to spare until boarding, we had come up with a solution. We re-routed our checked baggage to Naples and were given a confirmation on two new flights.


Our flights went smoothly, and even though Ivan and I couldn't sit together on the longest leg- we were really happy when we finally arrived in Naples the next day (May 15th) at 4:00 p.m. especially because our original itinerary had us arriving at 11:00pm.

Maria and Jose, Ivan's parents picked us up at the airport and took us out for pizza. The pizza was divine, and I was so excited to finally have authentic Italian pizza for the very first time. Over lunch we discussed a little bit of our itinerary, but I knew that Maria would have everything planned perfectly and I was happy to just go with the flow.

 We stayed in Naples that night and we woke up early the next morning to catch the bus for Sorrento. We took the Alibus which took us through the Amalfi Coast. Once we got to Sorrento, the four of us spent the day shopping, eating, and drinking …

Here are a few photos from the day

 Ivan, Maria, Jose
Gas Station/ Flower Shop.
Lunch at Bufalito
 Antipasto Plate with buffalo mozzarella, buffalo meat, and focaccia 
Sesame seed encrusted fish of the day
Caprese Salad