Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My College Graduation!!

On Saturday, May 11th I finally got the graduation I have been waiting for. While my college experience was not "typical" and I spent many years following my own path, I was finally able to say... "I did it!!" Besides wanting my family (boyfriend included) there, I really wanted all of my friends to share the experience with me. I decided to throw myself a party. I invited all my friends and the family that could make it. My grandparents came into town a few days early and stayed with us, and my Mom,Paul, and siblings followed shortly after. By Friday night we were all in my kitchen preparing for the party. Ivan, Paul, and Grandpa were busy putting outdoor lights up, setting up the tables, and planting flowers while my sister; Kelly, Mom, and Grandma and I got all of the food together. Once Saturday morning came, we all gathered to the college campus for my graduation. The ceremony lasted a few hours and we lucked out on really nice weather.  The college's president made a few speeches, followed by a few others. Once the speeches were finished, they began calling out the majors for diplomas to be handed out. Being an accounting major, we were first to cords the stage.  Once the diplomas were all handed out, the ceremony was over...we walked down the schools cistern out through the arc to various types of music. The song that played as we walked out of the ceremony was YMCA- which couldn't have made me happier as I have a very long history with the YMCA ( from after school programs to summer camps and being a counselor, the Y has had a major impact on my life.)

Once I found my family, we took pictures and headed to a quick lunch as I needed to finish setting up for the party.

Here are some photos from before and after graduation.