Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday Surprises come in three's

Ivan first surprised me after I got off work with flowers and a birthday balloon the size of t.v.

My second surprise was my family, who came in town to take me out to dinner. Despite Paul's text to me earlier about being in Charleston (luckily Ivan caught it before I saw the message), their visit was such an amazing surprise. Love you guys!!

My third surprise after dinner was... A SURPRISE PARTY!!! Pulling into the driveway, I wondered why people were in our yard. As soon as they saw us, they ran inside, locked me out and when they finally let me in... surprises for me! Thanks everyone who came out and helped me celebrate. What an amazing night.

Whose idea was it for the birthday shot at midnight to be vodka and a frozen strawberry? What a terrible idea... ( sorry, that was me)

dance party.

The morning/ day after... we continued the fun wit brunch and bar hopping for mimosas

Thanks for my elephant Matt!!!

Love you Christie!!

Thank you everyone involved in making me feel so loved on my birthday, I love and appreciate all of you <3