Sunday, July 7, 2013

Birthday Surprises

My 26th birthday falls on a Wednesday this year so we decided to celebrate over the weekend. One of our friends came into town, and we planned on doing lots of eating and drinking. Little did I know, Ivan and my friends had a plan all along. The girls took me out for a few drinks, and at our second bar I got a text from Ivan that he locked himself out. When I got home, the girls and I walked inside to.... a very big SURPRISE!! All of my friends were there to celebrate my birthday! The house was filled with decorations, a keg and lots of food. What a great surprise! Here are some photos:

Jen and Kim. It was soo good to see these 2 because its been way tooo long!
and of course Mo and Georgie!!
suurrpriseee faces
birthday love from Mo and George!
Kearns and Melissa. Too cute! 
Even getting in a motorcycle accident that morning, Anthony still showed up! What a friend!
My girls. Always looking so fly ( of course because they're 17s)
I don't think you can take a bad picture of Amy. She is always looking so beautiful.
Thumbs up Nicholas.