Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I got so good at posting and I feel as if I am slacking. I thought I needed to post an update on what is going on here. Last weekend Ivan and I drove up to Chapel Hill to visit  Mom, Paul, Jack, and Kelly. We went up because it was our monthly visit. That sounds almost like a requirement, but its just the opposite. I spent many years where I would only see my family once or twice during major holidays. This past year, starting in June- our visits became more frequent as my job allowed me weekends off. I go now 3 weeks without visiting, and I have this feeling that it's just time to go up. ( you can call that withdrawl, I do)

Jack and Kelly are both in middle school now, and I have missed many of their sports and events throughout the years living so far away. I have been really lucky that lately I have been to be able to get to know them more and build a relationship that seems stronger then ever. I left for college when they were really young so I am happy to be able to build this relationship with them now. It's refreshing to see and feel this relationship build between us as if we were only miles away from one another. A bonus, is... they love Ivan! How could they not!? I love that Ivan and Jack enjoy playing video games... even if its houuuursss at a time. A typical day up there is the boys ( Paul, Ivan, and Jack) hanging out and the girls ( Mom, Kelly, and I) hanging out- it is perfect :)

We are back at home now and living life- school and work take up most of my days and I have been really lazy in the kitchen. I cooked pasta with meat sauce, chicken bog, and white bean chicken chili this week. Nothing new to post. Hopefully this weekend I will have time to sit and set a menu for next week.

Anyway- All is well. Hope you had a great Superbowl Sunday. We spent ours at my parents theater and watched it on the big screen ( I am lying, I watched none of it... BUT it was on!) Mom threw a great party and neighbors and friends came to eat, drink, and watch football.

Here is a snapshot of the Varsity website. If you are ever in the Chapel Hill area- you should check our The Varsity on Franklin. What beats cheap tickets and the best popcorn ever? (Perks of being an owners daughter... free popcorn!)

Talk soon!