Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer REcap

This summer has been busy. With work and school, I was very lucky to make it out and about when I did- here are a few photos from this summer.

I was able to surprise my mom for her birthday at the beach. Here is my mom; Susan, sister; Kelly, and brother; Jack.

Thursday Night with the girls. Nicole on the left, Stephanie on the right.

Paella Date night with Nicole and Bernard.

My Birthday Dinner. Pictured here is Ashley, one of my all time favorite Golden Girls.

My Birthday Party...

Have you ever been to a 3rd of July Party? I have. 

Pre-gaming it before wine and cheese at BIN 152 with Ivan's parents.

Typical Rec Room. PBR's and high lifes. We are super classy.

Carla's visit before she moved to CA.